As a professional communicator, author, communication coach, motivational speaker, trainer and professional life strategist, I know that Communication is the key to building stronger relationships.

Hello, I’m Rob Kee. I have over twenty-five years of experience in Leadership associated roles.

My mission is clear and straight forward. I will help you perfect the skill of Communication to improve and establish meaningful, productive relationships. Mastering this skill will positively affect every area of life as your new awareness will take you from simply Communicating to actually Connecting.

Through clear and practical advice I help you develop your communication skills through mutual respect and co-creation. Efficient communication will lead to effective Connection.

It is when we reach the point of honest Connection that we birth healthier and more meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally.

My program is designed to partner with you to unlock and refine the God given gifts you already have and develop the necessary skills you need to break through the communication barriers in your personal and professional relationships making Positive Connections that last.

Let’s take your Communication to the next level. I want to help you achieve positive, lasting change and behavior; for yourself, your family, your career and your community by learning to Efficiently Communicate your message and Effectively Connect to the people you are reaching out to.

Email me at rob@robkeesolutions.com to schedule a no obligation phone interview. By asking you a few questions we will find out if the services I provide will be the right fit for you.

My life’s work is helping others reach their absolute potential, and I would love to help you!

I hope to hear from you soon!

God bless,
Rob Kee Solutions

A Member of the Christian Coach Institute


Each coaching package is customized to create a solution specific to you. The pricing is based on the type of commitment you would be comfortable making in order to better equip you to meet your determined goal. The customized solutions are provided in 3 month and 5 month packages with attractive price advantages if you decide to pay for the complete package up front.