“Rob is the most honest and spirited person I have ever met, I thank The Lord for putting Rob in my life.”Lucas Rojas, Accounting Professional
“I have known Rob for over 35 years. He has dedicated his life to the LORD. Rob is a leader in his calling. He is of strong moral and ethical character. He is committed to helping people achieve success. Rob has excellent leadership skills in addressing challenges. He is well spoken and has a great outlook on life.”Bob May, Risk and Organizational Management Consultant
“Rob has great leadership qualities. He leads by example and others want to follow him. He is also very organized and always reliable.”Valanne Cardenas
“I was blessed with the opportunity to go through life coaching sessions with Rob Kee. Rob exemplified himself to be a master guide and spoke with words of gentle wisdom. He also displayed the acumen to allow me to discover the personal insights that were and still are so crucial to this process and, ultimately, to attaining the goals that I set out to accomplish. He handled himself with the utmost professionalism and with virtue and integrity. It is without hesitation or doubt that I fully give my utmost recommendation to Rob Kee as a life coach, a man of God, and a dear friend.”Kevin D. Sunthimer, Public School Educator
“My time with Rob gave me great insight into my life and gave me tools to succeed.”Robert Scott Marketing, Social Media Strategist
“I’ve known Robert Kee for over 15 years and in that time have come to love him as a friend, mentor, pastor and, for lack of a better word, warrior. He is a warrior for Christ. There are few I consider as trustworthy, as full of Christ’s love, or as absolutely desperate for God, as Robert Kee. As for his book, “POINT OF DECISION”, it is vintage Rob Kee, as desperate as he is for God, he is just as nearly as desperate for you to know God’s love and peace as well, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He has been around long enough to see the consequences of the decisions of thousands of people, some for good and some not so good and he knows that only those who choose Christ will be truly satisfied in the end. Highly recommended.”Ed Goble, Author ``Sincerely Jesus``