Communication is key! But if anybody tells you that they are a “communication expert”, they’re lying to you. There’s no such thing. So I’m not going to tell you that, but what I will tell you is that I have facilitated literally hundreds of clinics for individuals, couples and groups, regarding appropriate and proper ways to communicate. These sessions dealt with everything from the person wanting to know how to communicate better with the authority figure in their life, a subordinate of theirs or a peer; from the married couple who want to understand why after 10 years of marriage they still don’t understand each other to the junior high student who wants to learn how to handle the school bully. I will ply my years of experience and knowledge to help you grow to the next level in whatever relationship in your life that seems to be suffering due to a lack of understanding.


In our Mentoring relationship I partner with you as an essential part of developing your personal leadership skills. In addition to providing guidance and motivation, we will discover opportunities for you to learn, grow and become more effective as an individual.


As a Consultant I provide expert guidance and skills in particular fields or industries, depending on your individual or corporate needs. Consulting is usually provided on a short-term basis to help with specific projects or problems.


Whether you’ve stepped into a new role as a manager or you’ve been in your job for a while now and it’s time to build a team, this is a great opportunity! As a Team Management Facilitator I will partner with you to identify key areas needed for you to lead your team to thrive and succeed. From choosing the right people and deciding roles, to communicating with, developing and motivating them.


I have spoken in three different countries on issues of leadership, spiritual issues, relationship, conflict, communication and a host of others. If you need a speaker for your venue I would be happy to discuss your situation and we can evaluate whether or not my services would be a good fit.


Having worked in upper management with a multi-million dollar corporation in the petroleum industry, as well as a senior executive consultant in the non-profit field I provide for you alternative perspectives in how to best organize your company and/or teams. This also translates in helping to organize your personal life, career, or home. Over the years I have found that an individual who experiences a higher level of order in their personal life has a greater sense of peace. Having this please allows the individual to experience less stress, become more focused, and have a clear perspective on how to achieve their goals, both personal and corporate.


As a Certified Human Behavior consultant I utilize various assessments, leaning heavily on the D.I.S.C. model, to help identify personality strengths and target areas for growth. Helping you know yourself better is the first step in understanding your own life purpose as well as being able to help others find theirs.


In sports the traditional role of the coach is to push the athlete to achieve optimum performance, to help them overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Life Coaching works on the same supportive concept. It is as a powerful tool used by the qualified Coach to encourage the individual in casting vision, setting personal goals and creating a plan of action to achieve life balance. These areas could include (but are not limited to) personal development, career transition, relationship enhancement, spiritual growth, healthy lifestyle management, life balance, decision-making, and achieving short-term or long-term goals, just to name a few.